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What does OEM Mean?


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    Gayle Barnes

    Upgrading your operating system to Windows 10 is generally smooth, especially when moving from a recent version of Windows like Windows 7 or Windows 8. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind regarding how this upgrade might affect other installed software, such as Autodesk Inventor.

    1. Compatibility Check: Before upgrading, it's crucial to ensure that your current software and applications, including Autodesk Inventor, are compatible with Windows 10. Most recent software versions should be consistent, but older ones might not. You can usually find this information on the software manufacturer's website.

    2. Windows 10 Upgrade Process:

      • The upgrade process to Windows 10 typically keeps your files and applications intact. This means that after the upgrade, your installed programs should still be there and, for the most part, function as they did before.
      • During the upgrade, Windows will check for software that might not be compatible with Windows 10 and may either update them or flag them for your attention.
    3. Backup Your Data:

      • Before proceeding with any major upgrade like this, it's always wise to back up your important data. This includes documents, photos, and the installation files or access information for your software.
      • Creating a system image or a complete backup of your PC is recommended. This way, if anything happens unexpectedly, you can revert your system to its previous state.
    4. Check Autodesk Inventor Version:

      • Ensure that the version of Autodesk Inventor you're using is supported on Windows 10. If it's an older version, you might need to update or upgrade it.
      • Visit the Autodesk support website for specific information about Inventor's compatibility with Windows 10.
    5. Update Drivers and Software:

      • After upgrading to Windows 10, checking for updates to your device drivers and any installed software is a good idea. This ensures that everything is up to date and reduces the likelihood of compatibility issues.
      • Windows 10 updates drivers automatically, but you may still want to check manually, especially for high-performance software like Autodesk Inventor.
    6. Post-Upgrade Checks:

      • After upgrading, run Autodesk Inventor and other critical applications to ensure they function correctly.
      • If you encounter issues, you may need to reinstall the software or consult the software provider for specific troubleshooting steps.

    By following these steps, you can help ensure a smooth transition to Windows 10 with minimal disruption to your existing software and workflows.  Contact DirectDeals Technical Support at or (800) 983-2741 during regular business hours if you need assistance.


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